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What Do I Do?

How do I use the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program?

If possible, you should first address concerns with your provider. Often, this is the first step toward resolving a problem; however, there is no requirement to speak with another agency or your provider before contacting an Ombudsman.

The Long-Term Care Ombudsman will respond to your concerns and work to investigate and resolve the complaint, acting only at your direction and consent. You control the complaint process and determine the extent to which the Long-Term Care Ombudsman becomes involved in solving the problem. This program is free, confidential, and you are involved throughout all phases of the resolution process.

If necessary, the Ombudsman can handle the complaint without disclosing your identity. Even if the Ombudsman cannot resolve the complaint without revealing your identity, you make the choice as to whether to proceed. Actions are taken only after being authorized by you and/or your family members.

Additionally, the Ombudsman will conduct follow-up with the care provider to ensure that any agreement reached to resolve the complaint is carried out and remains in effect. When a consumer cannot speak for him or herself, the Ombudsman will assist the consumer's legal representative, family member, or sponsor on behalf of the consumer. The Ombudsman investigates to verify and document the complaint, after which the findings are shared with the consumer along with options for resolution.

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To voice a concern or obtain information about long-term care, contact ABLE's Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program.

Please call ABLE's Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program at:

  • Toll-free (800) 542-1874 
  • Toledo (419) 259-2891
  • Fax (419) 259-2880
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